In my Studio


I love to be at the sewing machine manipulating beautiful fabric into gorgeous items to give to friends & family and to have around my home.

I haven’t allowed myself to be as much of a maker as I have liked to be in the past, so the making side of life had been given over to clothes and toys and craft projects with my granddaughters in between working full time and managing my home.

Now I am a little older I have been reflecting on what it is that makes me happy, and fabric and my sewing machine give me so much feeling of well being and relaxation I am no longer willing to just be sat at my sewing table on the odd occasion.

I am putting in time every day to attend to my creative gene.

I’m not as fantastic at it, as some of the women I admire around the world are, but I know I can make a pretty good suit for myself and I made some pretty dresses for my nieces when they were young. More often now its a bag, cushion, or a zippy wallet or some dolly my granddaughter ‘helps’ me to make for her.


I love a bit of hand sewing too and usually have some project on the go on my lap as my eyes start to drop in the evening.

And Quilts. Quilts. Quilts.

Through all this self discovery and busy-ness over the years I have always been in love with Quilts and slowly, slowly applied my talents to making more. Oh, they dont go in exhibitions or competitions, rather they are loved on a cool winter night or thrown on the grass at a sunny picnic or in the basket to keep the sand off us at the beach. But that’s the way I want them to be.  Used. And loved. And part of the memories of ‘Mum’ and ‘Nana’ and summer holidays outside or watching a film in winter snuggled against my girls and feeling blessed.

I hope that is how you feel about your work as a Maker and that you will feel confident that I will take care of your ‘memory makers’ as if they are my own.




In my Studio I am pleased to offer a professional long-arm quilting service on a Grace Q’nique 14+ Longarm Quilter.

My Q’nique is fixed on a frame which will easily handle your King size quilts and of course Baby quilts and everything in between!

 With the Quilters Creative Software I can precisely create a pattern or block to stitch your chosen pattern.

With over 200 patterns in the software there is sure to be one which will enhance your quilt.

At this time I am unable to offer Custom Quilting as the extra time needed to give you the best service for this is not available to me. I hope this will change in the future as I know custom quilting is preferred by some.

However, the Edge to Edge (E2E)** options are fantastic and if you trust me with your quilt I will be thrilled to work with you and assure you that no quilt will be treated with less than respect and love for the design and work you have already put into it.

**Edge to Edge (E2E) quilting is sewn in rows across the quilt from edge to edge until the quilt is fully quilted.

The charge for this style of quilting is $4.50 per square foot.

More detailed patterns may cause additional cost.

Payment is accepted by bank transfer.

The bank transfer details are on the Project Order form. Click this link and you will be taken to the page.



 Current turn-around time for my quilting service is: 

Approximately 10 days.


Please make sure of the following points before sending me your quilt:


Your backing fabric must be at least 4 inches larger than your quilt top on ALL four sides.

Trim selvage edges from seams if backing is pieced and press seams open. Press backing well and trim loose threads (if pieced). Be sure seams lay flat.

Square up your backing so that all edges are straight and the corners are at right angles. Folding into quarters and taking the skimpy edge off the sides with your quilting ruler works. Or use the internet to find a detailed guideline if you are unsure.

Pin a paper note to indicate the top of your quilt backing.

The Top

The top should be free of embellishments like beads and buttons.

Square your quilt top using your quilter’s ruler.

Press your quilt top, paying particular attention to the seams.  Seams should be pressed open or to one side.

Identify the head or top of your quilt top with a piece of paper pinned to the fabric.


Batting must be 4 inches larger than your quilt top on ALL four sides.

Batting should not be larger than your backing fabric.

Dont do’s

Do not pin or baste your layers together.  The top and backing will be loaded independently onto the frame.

Sheets are not usually considered suitable backing for quilts because of their high thread count.

I do not accept Minky (or similar materials) as quilt backings.

Measuring your quilt

Wavy borders and fullness in the body of the quilt is a problem seen with some quilts. Both of these problems will prevent the quilt from lying flat and in each case, will probably result in having tucks or pleats stitched into the quilt top during quilting. That’s disappointing when you have taken such care to put your top together.

These problems can be avoided;

Before attaching any borders, take measurements carefully. There is a fabulous calculating tool at this website which calculates yardage and number of strips to cut based on measurements you enter.

It is preferable to cut border fabrics on the straight grain (lengthwise) of the fabric. These are stronger and straighter threads than the crosswise threads and you should avoid any stretching a bias cut would risk.

Attach border fabrics by matching points on the quilt top. Put marking pins at half, quarter and three quarter points of your quilt top and border, more if you feel you need.


Use this example to calculate the approximate cost of your quilting:

Multiply your quilt width by quilt length- 54” X 75” = 4050 square inches

Divide square inches by 144- 4050/144 = 28 square feet

Multiply square feet by price- 28 X $4.50 = $126.00


 If you are posting your quilt, I recommend using Registered Mail via Australia Post. Return postage, packing and insurance is at your cost. Please contact me before you post your quilt so that I can be alert to its delivery

You may also drop off your quilt in person and pick up when it is finished.  Contact me by email for the address.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Thoughts